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Slow looking at school

The role of slow looking in the fast-paced world
Project overview
Student name
Boglárka Nagy
Judit Bényei
Design and Visual Arts Teacher MA
Degree level
Institute for Theoretical Studies
Year of project
By using our digital tools, our presence can be extended to the whole world. What will be the implications if we keep up with the pace of the machines we have created?
Processing the incredible volume of visual stimuli we receive calls for new strategies. How can we help the critical development of the visual experience? I think that the subject 'Visual Culture' gives students the opportunity not only to process information or solve a problem, but also to create and contemplate, and it is therefore an ideal field to return to the human scale.
In my thesis, I present the Slow looking method, which is still little known in Hungary and which gives room for contemplation, thereby offering a form of knowledge acquisition that slows down and reveals our own inner motivation related to learning, and I also offer some suggestions for the integration of the method into visual culture.
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