Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

The autonomous student

The evolution of creative autonomy in art education
Project overview
Student name
Csenge Diriczi
Judit Bényei
Design and Visual Arts Teacher MA
Degree level
Institute for Theoretical Studies
Year of project
Autonomy has recently become one of the most highlighted competences in education.
The focus has shifted from content knowledge to skills-based knowledge, and it is no longer what a learner knows, but what he or she can deliver and how he or she can achieve things. Self-regulated learning is closely related to other factors such as motivation and creativity, with these three units being interdependent and united for truly effective art education.
Therefore, the goal of my thesis is to investigate why it is particularly important to support student autonomy in art education, how it functions currently, what factors constrain the process, and how it could function more effectively under optimal circumstances, from both a psychological and methodological perspective.
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