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The duality of performing arts management and the world of design

„Slow” festival organizing
Project overview
Student name
Eszter Margit Csutora
Andrea Simon
Art and Design Management MA
Degree level
Institute for Theoretical Studies
Year of project
Though sustainability is a fashionable topic in the world of festivals, the „slow” mentality still has a long way to go.
My choices in professional internships are diverse, ranging from performing arts management to design start-ups. At the SÍN Cultural Centre and at the Bondoró Street Theatre Festival, I have been active, to this date, in performing arts management, a dream of mine since before MOME. Through working with the team of Dress-coding, for a while I took a dive into the world of design and social responsibility, while at HSUP, my chair design having been selected to progress into the next round, I was given the chance to lead my team at a design start-up. The basis and inspiration for every choice behind my colourful professional journey has always been to find and explore a “slow” mentality.
First, I explore what „slow” is, then I offer practical examples for how the „slow” mentality can be used to improve Bondoró Street Theatre Festival. My research project is based on case studies, professional literature review, interviews conducted with the director and managerial staff of the festival, as well as my own experience through a year and a half as a member of the organizing team.
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