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The future is not longer the same

The relationship between memory, the past and the future
Project overview
Student name
Anna Bányász
Gábor Máté
Photography MA
Degree level
Media Institute
Year of project
Is it possible to consider a close-to-nature way of life as an alternative way of life for the future?
A very personal project that seeks to answer, among other questions, what is the role of a self-sustaining economy today? My photo project is inspired by memories and nostalgia. Nostalgia is a kind of involuntary memory. In involuntary memory the essence is revealed. In essence consciousness is captured, the ideal. In nostalgic memory, things do not appear as they once were, but rather as we have never experienced them before but in their essential form. The aim of my series is to capture this undefined essence and to raise awareness of it in the present. In this way, I am evoking a past that has never happened in its entirety, as I commemorate it now; therefore this offers the possibility that in the future it will become as I want it to be.
In my thesis, I explore the extent to which we are influenced by our memories and how they affect our vision of the future, all through a kind of peasant ideal. Is it only our attachment to our past that makes our nostalgic memories attractive? In the essay I will approach the subject through the interpretation of concepts such as identity, peasantry, collective memory, nostalgia, sustainability, etc. I also discuss the role and importance of photography in these processes. All these interconnections make it possible to understand the way our memory works and its impact on our future.
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