Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

VR in education

Can VR be incorporated into Hungarian teaching practices?
Project overview
Student name
Liza Lehoczki
Judit Bényei
Design and Visual Arts Teacher MA
Degree level
Institute for Theoretical Studies
Year of project
The use of VR tools for educational purposes is currently not playing a role in the Hungarian education system and it does not seem to be possible in the near future, but what could be the reason for this?
In my thesis I set the goal to examine the use of virtual reality for educational purposes. In addition to demonstrating the functioning of VR and AR systems, the research addresses the pedagogical approaches they can be applied to, as well as the currently available educational games and programmes in the light of different learning models.
Furthermore, in my research I will demonstrate the positive potential of using VR in education by integrating it into the curricula of different subjects, with a focus on visual arts education. Finally, I will outline the current constraints and difficulties of VR in regular school use.
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