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In the focus of the master's program is the development of students' individual aspirations, design and their creative characters. The educational structure provides an opportunity to create individual, personalized learning pathways and thus students to become masters by earning an MA degree.

Degree studies/Full time studies are fully in English for 2 years (=4 semesters) at the graduate (MA) level, in the areas of Animation MA, Photography MA, Vehicle Design MA only.

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Head of Institute, Leader of Program: Ákos Lipóczki

Head of Department: Flóra Vági

Department Manager: -

Department Assistant: Dóra Szabó

Duration 4 félév
Upcoming semester 2021
Professional competences

  • optional masterwork assignment
  • knowledge of design methodology, craft practice
  • socially sensitive projects, sustainable design
  • innovative materials and technology research
  • modern creative workshops and studios
  • national and international professional programs, exhibitions, tenders



Degree program descriptions

Our Master Program in Jewelery Design and Metalworking helps you build a work or collection based on a personal individual research proposal. The philosophy of the training strikes a balance between material and technical innovation and more traditional craft techniques and historical craft traditions. Students in the training develop their work creatively and conceptually through the implementation of short projects and professional guidance. The exploratory, original and challenging aim of the works designed and prepared for the exhibition is to convey a central, socially conscious, problem-solving approach to the environment and way of life. Research assignments, design studies, and studio internships create opportunities for participation in national and international professional programs, exhibitions, and tenders, and facilitate post-graduate enforcement.

During the semesters, students are free to choose a design task and a supervisor from among the topics introduced by the department, and we also give our students the opportunity to process their own topic within a given framework.

In the course of our semester assignments, ready-made subjects are created in each case in order for our students to gain an internship in addition to their design routine. The educational program allows participants to gain hands-on skills through hands-on experience in our purpose-built workshops and studios, as well as fluently developing the associated visual language that deals with the relation of form, space, and body.


Metalwork Project and Research

A jövő- és életmódkutatáson alapuló tervezési stúdium sor környezet- és életmód centrikus...


Head of Department
Ákos Levente Lipóczki DLA, head of institute, associate professor
Flóra Vági, head of master department
Dóra Szabó, secretary of education
Krisztián Ádám, master teacher
Benjamin Balla A., TechPark Glass Workshop leader
András Bánfalvi DLA, associate professor
Péter Borkovics DLA, senior lecturer
Fanni Csernátony, head of bachelor department
Renáta Dezső, leader of bachelor program
András Mohácsi DLA, associate professor, master teacher
Péter Orr, master teacher
Gergely Pattantyús, assistant professor
Flóra Vági, head of master department