Jump into the future

Winners of the MOME Jump into the Future! online creative competition announced

The winning entry would solve the future of sustainable school meals with insect-based foods. The winners also included a virtual therapy app that improves the quality of life for people with mental illness, a floating university campus and a post-apocalyptic game featuring a man-eating plant


Congratulations to the winning teams and their mentors.

The first place went to the duo of Marcell Gátos and Luca Gátos, who developed the Hakuna Matata product line, a new concept for school meals based on the problem of sustainable food. Insect-based foods, drinks and sandwiches alike, would be distributed in vending machines with returnable packaging. Members of the ELEM team Eötvös József Secondary School designed not only the product, but also the entire supply chain. MOME mentors: Janka Csernák, object designer, art director, Edit Blaumann, cinematographer.

Second prize went to the VR Innovators, a team of 4 students from the 10th grade of Radnóti Miklós Secondary School: As members of Therapets, Lilla Bohos, Bíbor Kuluncsics, Hanna Orvos-Nagy and Anna Pankucsi designed an AR application that would improve the quality of life of people with mental illnesses such as depression, anorexia, addictions, etc. Complementing the work of the psychologist, the app would work on two devices, the earphones and the contact lenses, and would not only monitor the patient’s condition but also intervene by either playing therapeutic music or by influencing the senses. MOME mentors: Sára Gulyás, textile and fashion designer, Boglárka Jakabfi-Kovács, architect.

Floating University a ‘dream university’ that takes ecosystem protection into consideration was created by one of the third place winners, the Floatta team of the Madách Imre Secondary School of District VII (Zsófia Perlaky, Víta Schreiner, Vica Windtner, adult support: Éva Gadanecz). The innovative campus was designed for Csopak, in the Kerekedi Bay, with every detail planned, from renewable energy through transport to the economic impact on the village. MOME mentors: Rachel Győrffy, architect, Balázs Orlai, designer, lecturer at MOME.

The other third place was awarded to the Wiridi virtual game: the story, set in a post-apocalyptic landscape, evolves around the theme of saving the Earth. The player is surrealistically swallowed by a (carnivorous) plant and then, merging with the plant, they create a new life form. The question is whether the new creature can save nature and the Earth by searching for survivors or it will spend the whole life closed in a greenhouse forever. With the help of the application developed by Pici Aranyhalak (Tiny Goldfish) made up of Lili Lieb and Zita Major of the Secondary School of Visual Arts, we can think about coping strategies and solutions in playful fashion. MOME mentors: Janka Juhász, architect Jakab Erdély, researcher.



More than 100 entries were received for the Jump to the Future! creative online competition. On 7 May, the four-member jury selected 10 from the entries submitted, which will be further developed by the participating teams in the second phase of the competition with the help of MOME mentors.

Congratulations to the advancing teams*: 

Pici Aranyhalak

The 10 teams will be notified in separate letters.

*The list of teams that advance to the 2nd round of the competition is subject to change due to possible withdrawals.



Neither the mentor nor Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design assume any responsibility for the results of the entries and cannot be held accountable for such entries. If the team enters mentoring in round 2, the following conditions shall be accepted by the team members:

  • Entries prepared in collaboration with MOME mentors may not be used elsewhere without the permission of MOME. Completed entries cannot be submitted to other competitions.
  • Any external communication of the entries is only possible by indicating the name and/or logo of MOME and the Jump to the Future! competition, as well as the names of the mentors.


You plan the future!

How do you imagine the world to be in 20 years? Artificial intelligence, environmental change, alien life forms... Is the world changing for the better or for the worse? Is there a utopia or dystopia ahead?

At the beginning of 2021, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) announced a creative design competition for young people, inviting teams of students from grades 7-10 from Hungary and abroad to share their ideas for the future. 

A total of 440 students and 100 supporting adults from 226 schools entered the competition, representing nearly 150 teams. Applications were received from all over the country and from across the border, from state, church and foundation schools alike.



István Tasnádi: Attila József and Béla Balázs Prize-winning author, playwright, screenwriter, director. 

Jázmin Hollósi: The number one Hungarian star of the popular TikTok app, with more than 700,000 followers. 

Judit Bényei: Associate Professor of Media and Education Research at MOME. Since 2015, she is the Head of Design and Visual Art Teacher training at MOME.

József Fülöp: Rector of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, programme leader of the animation training programmes, visual communication designer, illustrator, animation film director, producer.




For students, teams: 

For adult support staff: 



Registration: 1 February - 14 March 2021

Online preparatory programme: 19 March 2021, 17:30-18:30

Deadline for uploading entries: 25 April 2021

Announcement of 1st round results: 7 May 2021

2nd round workshop: 7-12 June 2021

Announcement of 2nd round results: 12 June 2021



Questions and comments should be sent to the following email address: info.ugras@mome.hu

Let’s leap into the future together!


Main sponsor of the competition:

Sponsor of the competition:



The professional partner of the competition:


Detailed information for competitions
By submitting the Application, applicants/legal representatives and consultants acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions below.
The Awarding Body may unilaterally modify this tender without giving any reasons and shall notify the applicants/trainers thereof.

The deadline for uploading the entries: 25 April 2021


Each entry must include:

  • a visual product presenting the idea in a clear manner (this can be analogue, digital or combined)
  • a framework story supporting the idea also as a text
  • visual inspirational material explaining how the idea was conceived (collection, e.g. Pinterest board)


The formal requirements of the entries:


Visual product:

  • no more than five A4 or A3 or A2 size sheets
  • and/or 1 maquette, whose size does not exceed 500 by 300 by 350 mm (The physically built completed maquette is not part of the entry material to be submitted; we do not need it in the competition procedure.  We request no more than 10 photos of the completed piece.) 
  • and/or a short film.  The short film should not be longer than 2 minutes. The material can be uploaded via the link provided previously. Please also make the video material available to us as an unlisted YouTube video.


Framework story:

  • A creative writing, framework story of the length of an A4 page with 2,000 characters, 1.5 line spacing and Times New Roman font.
  • The children should present the concept of the entry with a lively description, embedded in a story.


Inspirational material (Pinterest board):

  • no more than 20 photos
  • We would like to have pictures that inspired the teams in determining the problem and implementing the ideas. Please indicate in comments to the pictures why each one was chosen, and how it helped.


The entries can be uploaded via a link provided in advance. All materials may be uploaded only together, on one occasion. No document may be uploaded subsequently.


Entries will be evaluated by a jury of renowned experts. 

The most important evaluation criteria include a good idea, creative solutions and high quality implementation.


The 10 best entries will be selected for round two.

All participants will be informed about the result of round one via e-mail. The list of the teams selected for round two will be published on the website.

Announcement of results: 7 May 2021


Concerning the entries to be submitted in rounds one and two of the Competition, the Applicants/Legal Representatives of Applicants/Supporting Adults acknowledge that regarding the intellectual property created by the Applicants/Supporting Adults, MOME, the organiser of the competition, is titled to use the works without a specific written permission and without paying additional fees, for an indefinite period and without geographical restrictions for its own educational, research, communication and documentation purposes. In the case of entries that MOME intends to use later, MOME is obliged to indicate the name of the Authors (Applicants and Supporting Adults) and, if the entry was submitted by a School, the name of the Institution. The Applicants/Legal Representatives/Supporting Adults and MOME will conclude a separate agreement on the rights to use the works selected in round two of the Competition.

Between 8 May and 6 June, the teams selected for the next round will further develop their entries submitted to round one with MOME’s mentors.

The online consultations will include getting to know each other and assessing the opportunities for development. 

This will be followed by a one-week intensive online workshop, where the teams will produce the works that they have designed and developed. MOME’s mentors will continuously help the creative process and prepare the teams for presenting their entries. 

Within the framework of a methodology training during the week, the supporting adults can follow, as team members, the design and education methodology based on design thinking to be used by the mentors for further developing the entries involving the team.


Date of the intensive workshop: 7-12 June 2021

On 12 June, at the end of the workshop, each group will give a presentation to the jury about their entry.


Public announcement of results: 12 June 2021