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Application procedure
A felvételi fordulói
Admission points
Form of financing
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Updated: 01.02.2024.
MOME’s Master’s programmes also provide those with outstanding artistic skills but no prior specialised art or similar education with the opportunity to study. MOME offers 6 English-language MA programmes, the rest are available in Hungarian language only.

Application procedure

A university degree (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree) is a precondition for applying to these programmes. Applicants are evaluated based on their portfolio presenting their professional journey, and also on their personal introduction (practical exam). This way, prospective students can be selected on the basis of their talent, abilities and accomplishments to date.


20 Dec 2023 – 15 Febr 2024

Submit your application via website (the latter is only available in Hungarian). 


By 1 February 2024:

The content and format requirements for the portfolio upload, as well as the amount and payment method of the special procedural fee will be posted on the university’s website.


6 May to 3 June 2024:

Prerequisite for the practical test: uploading the application file (online) via and paying the admission fee (online). The upload interface is only available during the upload period.


1 to 5 July 2024:

Take the practical entrance examination and/or admission interview. The exact time / date will be sent by email from our admission office after your portfolio upload.

Before the summer practical examination, candidates complete an online orientation questionnaire, which requires no prior preparation. 

Announcement of results: mid-July.

A felvételi fordulói


Candidates must have a university degree (bachelor's degree/college degree or master's degree/university degree) - no prior art education is required.

Admission points

The maximum score is 99 for the practical exam, and applicants may receive an additional 1 point as required by law, based on social disadvantage, disabilities, maternity leave, etc., adding up to a total score of 100.


An additional special procedural fee will be charged to cover the costs of organising and conducting the practical exam for all MAs. The fee for the special procedure is 5000 HUF per application. The basic condition for validating the portfolio upload is the payment of the special admission procedure fee. 

Form of financing

Our programmes are available both in a self-funded and state-funded form, the admission requirement is the same in all cases. Nationals of Hungary or EEA Member States are entitled to receive a state scholarship for 12 semesters in Hungary. You must indicate the form of funding you wish to apply for when you apply for admission. If you have indicated both forms of funding, the order in which you apply is decisive.


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The university reserves the right to change the period of the entrance examinations, as well as the order, the content and method of execution of the individual examination tasks. Please check our website regularly for updates on the application process.

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