Péter Bence Simon DLA
senior lecturer
Graphic Design BA
senior lecturer

Péter Bence Simon is a senior lecturer on the Graphic Design BA programme. He serves as the lead for typography theory and is an instructor who contributes to the typographic perspective that comes up at practical courses. He is currently the acting head of the Graphic Design MA programme.

Fields of education
typograpic theory
graphic design
Fields of research
experimental typography
specific poetry


He is a graphic designer and he lives in Budapest.  He got his degree at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Graphic Design Programme (2004), and earned his teachers’ certificate at the same time.

He started working as an independent graphic designer in 1997 and had various graphic design projects in almost all areas of application published in print. In recent years, his unique, typography-focused design attitude has increasingly been sought after by clients in cultural fields.

His doctoral research and works have taken him to the boundary area where images and letters meet. He analyses the convergence of verbality, imaging and typography in his autonomous works in the field of experimental typography (specific poetry). His works do not lend themselves to immediate interpretation. They stop the viewer and invite them to think.

He has presented and participated in a number of international professional symposiums. These include the XX+2 tga symposium in Austria, the Wroclaw Type Forum in Poland and the Brno Biennale in the Czech Republic. He was won several prominent Hungarian and international professional awards, including first place in the category of art book at the international competition application El Lissitzky 130, first place in the typography category at the Posterists in the World competition in Peru and first place at the international competition Posterfest 3 in Budapest. He has also been shortlisted for the Golden Bee Global Biennale in Moscow twice. He has participated at Graphis in New York and was the grand prize winner of the National Graphic Design Biennale and winner of the Golden Pushpin prize. He regularly attends various graphic design and poster art shows around the world.

In addition to his work as an artist, researcher and applied graphic designer, he has been an enthusiastic graphic design teacher for twenty years.

Awards, recognition

Posterists in the World, Peru, 2022

Typography category, 1. place

EL130, International Poster Competition, 2022

Professional book category, 1st place

Posterfest 3. , Budapest, 2022

Hungarian professional designer category, 1st place


Publication title
Slanted 40 Experimental Type, Germany, 2022
Member of the European
Network of
Higher Education Institutions
9 Zugligeti St,
Budapest, 1121