Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Plaster modeling

The Plaster Modelling Workshop operates as part of and in collaboration with the Modelling Workshop. Here, students can produce the objects designed by them and architecture students can make maquettes. Substitute forms from plaster or silicone can also be created for works to be made from other materials. The vacuuming forms used for vacuum-formed plastic objects are also mainly created in the Plaster Modelling Workshop. Tasks related to studying forms can also be preformed in the workshop.
Size of space
32 m2
Opening hours
9.00 - 17.00
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Contract work

The practical training sites have well-equipped workshops with art teachers and professionals who are highly familiar with the techniques and technologies. It is possible to commission works with the assistance/involvement of professionals.

Equipment rental

Renting MOME TechPark equipment and machinery, as well as equipment distributed by our partners is possible.

Venue rental

The workshops, indoor and outdoor spaces of the workshops are suitable for events for 10-150 people, meetings, conferences (plenary and section meetings), exhibitions, presentations, receptions, film screenings and professional workshops.
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