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New National Excellence Programme

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The New National Excellence Programme (ÚNKP) is a multi-thematic scholarship scheme launched in 2016 to support excellence in higher education students and researchers.

The ÚNKP project supports students, doctoral candidates and young academics and researchers who are engaged in effective research and creative work in the higher education institutions participating in the programme, whether they are studying for a bachelor's, master's or doctorate.

The project will help to attract the next generation of researchers and artists to careers in research and innovation, and to develop the research and creative activities of researchers and artists already in the field, by providing international quality support at certain stages of their careers.

In the framework of the New National Excellence Programme, we will support the scientific research and creative work of 15 students at MOME in the academic year of 2022/2023. The NRDI Fund will provide a total of 18 620 000 HUF non-refundable grant for the implementation of the 2022-3.1.2-ÚNKP-2022-00013 scholarship programme.

A programról

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