Can anyone think like an artist?

Date: 2022.09.22
An exhibition about breaking the streak of mediocrity, the challenges of a changing world, and promising solutions of the future is hosted by the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME). The Challenging Futures exhibition is seeking to address five different but at the same time interlinked social issues through the thoughts of the students of the university.

Successful artists always possess a certain elegance. Though the figure of the suffering artist is a common trope, not every artist died starving or alone. Many have mastered the art of success, which was nearly always coupled with some sort of sharp or careless elegance. Elegance in appearance, posture, and looks. Elegance in expression, character and mindset. Elegance in the exhibition room. Elegance in the workshop. Though this elegance does not always lend credibility to the artworks, it exudes an aesthetic quality that makes you want to be around them. 


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Ismét elindult a Nemzeti Tehetség Központ és a Design Terminal START ösztöndíjprogramja, melyre olyan 18-35 év közötti fiatalok jelentkezését várták, akik ötletes megoldásokkal szeretnék segíteni a magyar társadalmat, és ebből sikeres vállalkozást is építenének.

What will life be like in 2043? Artificial intelligence, environmental changes, new means of transportation and life forms... What will the future bring? How do tweens today imagine the world to be 20 years from now? These are the questions that the creative JUMP INTO THE FUTURE! competition seeks answers to in 2023 as well, encouraging teenagers from Hungary and the other side of the border to share their ideas about the future. From 27 January, the idea competition of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) is open for applications.

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