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Jewellery and Adornment Erasmus Joint Master Development
AdornU is the joint project that brings together three prominent European art universities, namely Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design as the head of the consortium from Budapest, Hungary, Trier University of Art and Science from Germany, and the Estonian Academy of Art from Tallinn, Estonia, aiming at at creating an Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters programme in the field of Contemporary Artistic Jewellery.

The Jewellery and Adornment Programme (AdornU) intends to bridge the requirements of our days: a contemporary definition of global citizens with local roots, managing the currently arising identity questions that can be answered by appropriate personal objects. Jewellery and body adornment have a longer history and are much deeper embedded in our society than one nowadays would realize. Symbolism, heritage and values have always taken the shape of small portable objects throughout the history of mankind, even in extreme geographical, environmental or mental conditions. However, the meaning and the aura of the objects have become shallow and now asks for new content to be able to recover its importance in our society.

The need to create and possess personal, high quality, lasting, inheritable objects is growing again in people’s lives, however the surroundings have changed, so the old ways of creating and using objects need a fresh take on and new ways of communication strategies. This master’s programme is proposing a contemporary and multidisciplinary approach to define these new strategies, by adapting to the needs and expectations of today’s society. The program not only intends to fill a gap within the professional outcome created by the similar, already existing master programmes, but also to contribute largely to the European Commissions’ ambitions to create a leading source for educating highly skilled professionals, researchers and academics in the field of Art and Design.

Project number
Project duration
24 months
55,000 EUR


1. Trier University of Art and Science

2. Estonian Academy of Art, Estonia

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