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Practice-oriented higher education infrastructure and skill development at MOME

Digital infrastructure
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The aim of Moholy-Nagy University of the Arts is to contribute to the creation of an innovation-driven Hungarian national economy.

Building on the results of the organisational renewal made possible by the model change, which was launched on 1 August 2020, this project will improve operational efficiency, primarily through the development of digital tools, infrastructure for practical training, digital competences and training content, and the development of services to strengthen international engagement.

Digital infrastructure

The development of MOME's digital infrastructure involves the implementation of technical and system improvements that support closed e-learning. This will include digital skills development for both students and staff, M2M communication service development, expansion of knowledge bases and content for practical training, and library development.

A basic principle in the development of MOME's training courses and related training content is the implementation of practice-oriented, modern and labour market-oriented innovation, which will be linked to the development of tools for internal training practice, key competences, transversal skills and language skills.


The project will also develop the institution's internationalisation and international capacity development activities, with the development, accreditation and launch of new English-language Masters courses. International courses, mobility windows will be developed and integrated into the curriculum, joint degree/double degree/study abroad programmes will be implemented, capacity for international engagement will be expanded and developed, a network of trainers will be established to deliver the training tasks and international student services will be developed to support the training.

Overall, the implementation of this complex development plan aims to enable the University to play an active and effective role in supporting the recovery of the national economy and the achievement of a new, innovation-driven economic growth path by improving the institutional infrastructure and strengthening the training functions in connection with the investment of Component B1 of the Recovery and Resilience Plan of Hungary, entitled "Highly skilled, competitive workforce". An important element of the objective is to ensure that the institution will not only serve the citizens of the University in the future, but also the actors and employees of the local economy and the innovation ecosystem of the institution, and to become a leading training and research centre for the creative industries at Central European level by increasing its international engagement.

According to the grant agreement, the project will be implemented from 1 July 2022 to 30 April 2026 with a budget of HUF 2 174 903 394.

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