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Digital Didactics in Art Education

Target group
Members of the project consortium
The COVID-19 pandemic clearly revealed a specific skills gap for both Higher Education (HE) faculty and school teachers alike when it comes to effectively using digital resources for online teaching.


The project Digital Didactics in Art Education (DIDAE) will address these concerns by developing a digital platform DIDAE which will provide an overview on easily accessible digital tools for art making. This includes digital tools for drawing, painting, sculpting, animation, augmented reality, video, photography, gaming and game development, graphic design, photo editing and photo manipulation, instructions for these tools and classroom assignments.

Target group

The primary target groups of the DIDAE project will be higher art education faculty, art education students studying to become art teachers, art teachers at secondary schools and pupils. The online platform will address the skills gap outlined above by supporting the development of HE faculty’s and teachers’ digital didactic competences.

Members of the project consortium

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

University of Cologne

Willem de Kooning Academy from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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Higher Education Institutions
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