MOME graphic designers bring the taste memories of generations to life

Date: 2023.05.06
A unique exhibition featuring works by former and current MOME graphic design students opened at the BBBKultPont Gallery and Community Space, located on Bartók Béla út – the cultural high street of Buda – on 8 May 2023. PICK as a Hungarian brand with a history dating back 150 years, and the salami-related experiences defining the taste memories of several generations provided the inspiration for the exhibition, and the artworks were reviewed and evaluated by an expert jury.

What do people working in gastronomy and those specialising in design have in common? Professionals in both fields – culinary artists and designers alike – want to create lasting works of art that will live on in the memory of generations of people, and help strengthen communities through shared experiences. Tastes undoubtedly leave lasting, practically indelible impressions in the mind, transforming food into iconic transgenerational products. The collaboration of MOME and PICK is founded precisely on that, and involved asking gifted graphic designers to revisit and capture their own memories of the brand and nostalgic tastes in their own individual way.  

In March, these unique prints debuted on canvas tote bags, followed by the launching of the art collaboration between PICK and MOME. The artworks of several generations of alumni as well as current students were evaluated and the best ones were awarded at the opening ceremony on 8 May by a professional jury. 

The joint project provided a great opportunity not only for young artists but also for MOME alumni to present their PICK-themed artworks to the general public. Members of several generations joined this initiative, as seen from the variety of artistic tools and approaches used, enhancing the collective recollection of the taste memories and stories spanning several generations”, commented multiple Graphic Design and Golden Drawing Pin Award-winning graphic designers and curator of the exhibition László Herbszt

Prize-winning artworks: 
1st prize: Tibor Kárpáti: Szabadkai út 18. 
2nd prize: Rozi Békési: PICK 
3rd prize: Viktor Földi: 3-seconds rule 
Student special prize: Beáta Bencsik Graphic Design BA2 :  Morning Picknick 
PICK special prize: György Kara: PICK-AT-ALL-TIMES 

Members of the professional committee: 
- Chairman: Tamás Marcell DLA, head of the MOME Graphic Design BA programme, associate professor 
- Júlia Szokolai, Strategic and Marketing Director of the Bonafarm business 
- László Nagy DLA, MOME Graphic Design BA programme, senior lecturer 
- Andrea Horváth, Café Communications, Creative Group Head 
- José Tábori-Simon, graphic design artist, typographer 
Exhibiting artists: 
Rozi Békési 
Kata Káldor 
Edit Szalma  
Andrea Brittnek  
Móni Kovács 
Tamás Láng 
György Kara  
Gyula Molnár  
Zoltán Halasi  
Attila Lőrincz  
Norbert Nagy  
Tibor Kárpáti  
Viktor Földi  
Levente Szabó  
Áron Borbély  
Gergely Faragó  
Ferenc Molnár  
József Árendás  
Zsuzsanna Oláh 
Lenke Lamm 
Bea Bencsik 
Babetta Babitz 
Réka Lantos 
Kira Júlia Huber 

PICK x MOME (from left to right): Dániel Jávor, Henriett Szabó-Spanyol, Flóra Barbara Ujfaludi, Szilvia Vízhányó-Pitrik, László Herbszt, György Kara, Júlia Szokolai, Tibor Kárpáti, Rozi Békés, László Nagy, Beáta Bencsik, Tamás Marcell , Nóra Winkler, José Simon

The TASTE-MEMORY-IMAGES exhibition is on display at the BBBKultPont Gallery and Community Space from 9 to 18 May between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m, and will be accompanied by several events, including a guided exhibition tour by the curator, and an interactive talk by researcher of tastes and memories and MOME head of programme Angéla Góg. It can be visited free of charge, and participation at the accompanying events require prior registration.  

There are plans to move the exhibition to the streets and other public spaces in Szeged and Budapest, offering artists additional opportunity for showcasing their artworks to the general public craving shared taste memories. PICK is also planning to put up the artworks for sale for charitable purposes to support young talents of the future. 
More details and registrations links are available on the Facebook page of the exhibition at 

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