MOME once again launches its ‘JUMP INTO THE FUTURE!’ creative youth competition

Date: 2022.02.15
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design is announcing a creative competition for 7th to 10th graders for the second time. The competition, which enjoyed a huge success last year, is designed to show that all it takes is a bright idea for anyone to become a designer or future researcher. Teams with 2 to 5 members should apply through the website of the competition between 15 February and 15 March.

Be the one to plan the future!

How do you imagine the world to be 20 years from now? Artificial intelligence, environmental changes, new life forms...What will life be like in 2042? Is the world changing for the better or the worse?

Do you know it’s also up to you how the future will turn out? What would you change about the world? An idea conceived now can bring about real change and impact the lives of millions.Share your idea of the future with us. Fire up your rockets and create a design that can become a reality by 2042! We believe that all change starts with a bright idea.

The ‘Jump into the future!’ creative competition, announced by Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) for the second time, is open for application to teams of 7th to 10th graders from Hungary and the other side of the border to share their ideas for the future.

"The ‘Jump into the future!’ competition is directed at a generation who is perfectly at ease switching between the digital and the analogue. How can they respond to the challenges of the 21st century? This competition encourages them to think responsibly and engage in a creative activity aimed at building the future”, said Rector of MOME József Fülöp.

Through the entries received for last year’s competition, the university was able to get a comprehensive overview of the visions of Generation Z, while the participants were given an opportunity to unlock their creativity, and develop their critical thinking. The popularity of the competition is evidenced by the participation of 440 students from 226 schools, with the most outstanding projects presented at the 2021 autumn Budapest Design Week. A short summary film about last year’s competition is available at JUMP INTO THE FUTURE! competition

Whether it is graphics, short film, animation, photo, service, product, or architectural concept, MOME welcomes all creative ideas about the future.


  • What will life be like in schools of the future? 
  • What resources can be used to support learning and teaching in the future? 
  • What jobs will we have and what will workplaces look like 20 years from now? 
  • How will our living arrangements, homes, environment and clothing change? 
  • How will human relationships and social differences change?
  • How will future changes affect how holidays and leisure time are spent?

Submitted entries must be created using analogue, digital or mixed technology (for a detailed description see the website). The teamwork required will give each student with different interests and levels of knowledge the chance to work together, brainstorm and contribute what they enjoy and are good at doing, be it designing, drawing, taking photos, shooting films or writing.

The teams registering for the competition will be able to participate in an online preparatory programme that provides help with producing the entries. 

Following registration, teams can submit entries by 15 March 2022. 

Teams passing the first round can use help from MOME’s mentors to further develop their works. The best entries will be selected by a jury of illustrious experts at the end of the second round. The top three contestants will receive a prize.


  • MakerBot SKETCH 3D printer with basic starter kit
  • Mayku FormBox vacuum forming machine, innovative model designing technology
  • 3D Academy course,
  • Book bundles from Pagony publishing house

Application and detailed information:

Facebook page:

Instagram page:

TikTok page: The TikTok page, featuring popular Hungarian TikTok star and MOME Media Design BA student Jázmin Hollósi, has been launched specifically for students:


We look forward to receiving applications from the teams.

Let’s leap into the future together!

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How can design address the issues of the future? What is the role of design in society and a designer’s job in our age? Where will design expertise become most crucial in the coming years?
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