Ádám Krasz
Management, TechPark Director , audio media engineer, doctoral student
Sound studio
audio media engineer
audio media engineer
Doctoral School
doctoral student
TechPark Director

TechPark technician, researcher at MOME Sonic Studio

Fields of research
sound art
sound design
sound installations
multi-channel music
slow cinema


He has worked as a technician at MOME TechPark and taught creative coding in the MOME Open Sound Design course since October 2018. At TechPark, his main responsibility is to operate the sound studio and sound-mixing rooms in MOME TWO and help students with their work. If you have any questions about using and booking the rooms or other issues related to sound engineering, contact him on the above phone number during working hours or via email outside working hours.

He graduated from the Electronic Music Media Art BA programme at the University of Pécs in 2015 and the Media Design MA programme at MOME in 2017. He spent a semester at the City University in Hong Kong and did an internship in the Electronic Music Studio of Akademie der Künste.

His doctoral dissertation, just as his work as an artist so far, is based on bringing together static and kinetic media and themes. Objects representing speed, such as cars or trains, have played a special role in the history of sound art; celebrating and capturing man-made objects and environments were a part of sound art from its very beginning.

His research focuses on the means of using sound art for documentary purposes and solutions for installations involving other types of media and traditional art and sound content.
During his doctoral studies, he wants to prioritise on the understanding and development of art education as he considers the right and ability to learn and create is one of the most important human values.

Member of the European
Network of
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