Adrien Nagy DLA
senior lecturer, supervisor
Design Institute
Textile Design BA
senior lecturer
Fashion and Textile Design MA
senior lecturer
Doctoral School

Adrien Nagy graduated as a fashion designer from MOME, where she also obtained her DLA. Her doctoral research focused on innovative tailoring theory. She has created her own line of fashion jewellery under the brands RIENNE Creations and RIENNE Bride. She is currently a senior lecturer in the textiles department.

Fields of education
fashion design
Fields of research
creative tailoring solutions
innovative tailoring solutions


Adrien obtained her MA degree in textile design and her MA degree as a design manager at MOME before joining fashion companies as a designer: she has worked as a designer at NUBU and at Marc Jacobs in New York. She then returned to MOME to do her doctorate, which she completed in 2019. Her field of research focused on tailoring methods, in which the roles of designer and modeller are intertwined and become inseparable. Her doctoral work resulted in the book Creative modelling and tailoring. Adrien is currently a senior lecturer in the textiles department. In addition to her work as an instructor, she regularly participates in professional shows and events as a designer of the fashion jewellery brands RIENNE Creations and RIENNE Bride.

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