András Beck PhD
associate professor, supervisor
Art and Design Theory BA
associate professor
Design Theory MA
associate professor
Doctoral School

He is an associate professor at the MOME Institute for Theoretical Studies.

Fields of education
contemporary art and art theory
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He did the Hungarian literature and history programme at the Faculty of Humanities at Eötvös Lóránd University.
For him, the challenge in teaching theoretical subjects lies in whether it will succeed in becoming a promotional surface for thinking about art. Whether you can make a subject interesting for the students, which means making them engaged in it? And becoming engaged means understanding that conceptual and historical thinking are tools and skills that are important to them. If it is successful, it is a winning case for theoretical education. 

His professional interest is guided by questions about the patterns of artistic and theoretical thinking, and his questions are often inspired by ‘laic’ assumptions. This ambition is reflected in the titles of his published volumes as well: Nincs megoldás, mert nincs probléma (No Solution As There Is No Issue), 1992; Hagyni a teóriát másra (Leaving the Theory To Others), 2000; Szakítópróba (Tear Test), 2015; Getting from A to B and back (2021).

For him, not locking yourself within the walls of a discipline, however cosy that may be, is part of the professional activity itself.

Member of the European
Network of
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Budapest, 1121