András Ferkai DSc
university professor, professor emeritus, supervisor
Institute for Theoretical Studies
professor emeritus
Art and Design Theory BA
university professor
Design Theory MA
university professor
Doctoral School

Architect, architectural historian, professor emeritus at MOME. He served as a full-time member of staff at the University from 1990 to 2019. He worked as a research group leader, as a lecturer in the Department of Architecture, and as the Director of the Institute of Theoretical Studies. He is one of the founders of the BA in Art and Design Theory and the MA in Design Theory programmes, and he was also responsible for supervising the courses for a long time. He is currently a lecturer and supervisor at the Doctoral School.

Fields of education
architectural history
architectural theory
Fields of research
history of architecture
history of ideas
history of institutions
cultural heritage management


After graduating as an architect from the University of Technology of Budapest in 1977, he worked in public design offices for ten years. Between 1982 and 1984 he was a student at the Master’s School of Architecture, and between 1986 and 1988 he was the editor of the Hungarian Architectural Art magazine. He then worked as an independent researcher for two years. In 1998 he conducted research as a visiting scholar at the CCA in Montreal. He was awarded a PhD for his doctoral thesis in 1996. He became habilitated at the University of Technology, and became a professor at MOME in 2005. His publications focus on the modern architecture of Hungary and Central Europe, with a special emphasis on the works and artists of the interwar period. His two topographies of the buildings of Buda and Pest during this period are considered landmark studies. He was awarded a doctorate by the art historians of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for his monograph on Farkas Molnár. In 2021, he was elected chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Academy of Architecture, and in 2022, he was elected a corresponding member of the Academy. He was awarded the Miklós Ybl Prize (2002), the Lajos Németh Prize (2007), the Farkas Molnár Prize (2011) and the Prima Prize (2019).

Awards, recognition

Miklós Ybl Award

Lajos Németh Award

Visiting Scholarship

CCA Montreal


The Story of an Architectural Design Firm, book

András Ferkai: Molnár Farkas

History of the Napraforgó Street Housing Estate

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