Anna Gyulai
Animation BA
Animation MA
Animation MA in English

During her studies, Panni started to take children to camps and workshops (including Demo Camp, Lawn Camp and Opendoors Hungary), introducing different age groups to the world of animation. And this has been one of her passions ever since. She has been teaching visual design at the MOME Animation Department since 2020.

Fields of education
animated visual design


Panni graduated from the MOME Animation Department in 2018 with her animated short film Broken Things, which was screened at international festivals including the International Short film Festival Oberhausen and the Sarajevo Film Festival, and won several prizes including Primanima and PSIAF. She has worked as an animator on various projects. She has animated short films, and worked as a background designer. She has also worked on full-length film productions and directed commercials. She is a member of the Loud Creators animation team, who fight for social causes with their wacom pens.

Professional works

Awards, recognition

Primanima, Primalter Award, 2019

PSIAF Best 2D Animation, 2019

ECU Festival, Urugay Jury Special Prize, 2019


Zippy Frames interview

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