Anna Keszeg PhD habil
habilitated associate professor, MA programme lead, supervisor
Art and Design Theory BA
habilitated associate professor
Art and Design Management MA
MA programme lead
Art and Design Management MA in English
MA programme lead
Doctoral School

As an alumna of the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, Anna has been teaching at the University of MOME since 2022. With teaching experience in cultural studies and communication studies, she is passionate about contemporary processes in visual culture and the creative industries. Her primary goal is to integrate management students into various design communities as part of her commitment to building a strong sense of community.


Drawing upon her diverse background in cultural studies, philosophy, and history, she explores the web of micro- and macro-trends in contemporary visual culture. It’s within the intersection of these fields that she has carved out her specialized area of research—delving into the realm of fashion and dress culture, which serves as a mirror reflecting the pulse of the modern world.

Fashion, in tandem with the influence of social media, the world of film, and serial culture, takes center stage in her recently published book, Fashion-Redesign: The Media Logics of Contemporary Fashion (in Hungarian), released in 2022. Her formative years of study in France have been pivotal in shaping her cultural perspective, and her teaching experience in communication and media studies has empowered her with a strategic and managerial mindset.

Professional works

Detecting Transcultural Identity in European Popular Crime Narratives

Book series in media and communication studies


Publication title
Gyöngyössi János. Szövegek és kontextusok
A holdbéli völgy képzelete
A divatmédiumok és az iparági folyamatok
Divat-újratervezés. A kortárs divat médiaműködései
From Remade Drama to Original Crime–HBO Europe's Original Television Productions
Studies on Challenges and Practices of Contemporary Fashion
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