Bálint Veres PhD, habil.
habilitated associate professor, Doctoral School Board, Head of the DLA programme, supervisor
Art and Design Theory BA
habilitated associate professor
Doctoral School
Doctoral School Board
Doctoral School
Head of the DLA programme
Doctoral School

Bálint Veres is an aestheticst. He has been a lecturer at MOME since 2008. For years, he was the Deputy Director of the Institute for Theoretical Studies. He was also Director for a year. From 2015 to 2020 he was the operative manager of the Doctoral School, and since 2020 he has been the Head of the Doctor of Liberal Arts programme. He is the originator of the MOME OPEN Music Video course. He founded MOME TransferLab, the inclusive design workshop that operated from 2012 to 2019.

Fields of education
architectural theory
design culture studies
inclusive design
writing practice
music history
Fields of research
media philosophy
design philosophy
modern music history
architectural theory


In addition to humanities he also pursued music studies. Then, in 2008 he linked the two fields with a doctorate in the aesthetics of music. In the past decade, his research has expanded into the realms of architectural theory, somaesthetics, media philosophy, intermedia studies, everyday aesthetics, disability studies, and design philosophy. Since the mid-2010s his academic writings have mostly been published in English in international journals and anthologies. He was habilitated in design culture studies in 2015. Since 2023 he has been Chair of the Hungarian Forum of Somaesthetics. He is a member of the International Association for Aesthetics, the International Society of Intermedia Studies, and the European Network of Somaesthetics. In 2023 Brill Books published a design philosophy collection that he co-edited with renowned philosopher Richard Schusterman. He regularly mobilises his international network of contacts to organise guest lectures under the patronage of the Doctoral School, as well as conferences such as Design Culture and Somaesthetics (2019), The Promise of Pragmatist Aesthetics (2022), and Designing Everyday Experience (2023). He received the Kodály Zoltán Scholarship from 2004 to 2006. For his outstanding work as a university educator he was granted the Apáczai Csere János Award in 2021. Besides his scholarly and educational work, he considers it important to participate in a wide range of cultural activities: over the years, he has been active as a music critic, translator, curator, advisor to architectural and music institutes, event coordinator of the Arcus Temporum Art Festival in Pannonhalma, and organiser of roundtable discussions.
He was one of first people to organise sports and rock climbing activities at MOME, and he helped establish the sports hub.

Awards, recognition

Apáczai Csere János Award

Kodály Zoltán Music Scholarship for Creators


Publication title
Shusterman, Richard and Bálint Veres - Somaesthetics and Design Culture. Brill, 2023.
Bálint Veres - "Rethinking Aesthetics through Architecture?" Aesthetic Experience and Somaesthetics Leiden/Boston, Brill, 2018, pp. 87-100. (hungarian)
Bálint Veres: A Fabric of Sound: Chapters from Recent Hungarian Composition Budapest, Typotex, 2015.(hungarian)
Bálint Veres - “Intermedia and Intermittency.” Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Film and Media Studies, vol. 9, no. 1, Dec. 2014, pp. 155–69.


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