Botond Bíró
artist-teacher, vocational technical instructor
Product Design BA
vocational technical instructor
Design MA
vocational technical instructor
Modeling workshop

Botond teaches at the modelling workshop. Many years ago, he chose to become a teacher because he wasn’t the best at managing himself. Because managing oneself is a fundamental component of working in the business sector, if this skill is lacking, we can safely say: Those who can’t do, teach. Botond has no concerns admitting this. But, let us add that he is highly skilled both as a professional and as an educator, even if this is something he would never declare. And this is actually one of his strengths. His background has equipped him with such fundamental human characteristics as humility, respect, patience, understanding and hope. Nowadays these characteristics are rare not just among young people, but also in the older generations. It is important to spell these out because in his work as an educator, he supports students not only in their work, but also strives to prepare them for life and to find and strengthen their inner human qualities.


Botond’s professional successes are not published. For him, the recognition he receives from others, friends and his children matters more. His career will probably not lead him to the hall of fame, and so there is no need for him to meet the induction criteria. For him, the most important decision he has ever made was when he gave up on a successful and possibly lucrative career in his vocation, to focus on education and family instead. Until now, only university teaching was missing from his life: he has taught all ages, from children to older adults. He also has experience with students with less severe disabilities, people in prison and problematic teenagers.

Member of the European
Network of
Higher Education Institutions
9 Zugligeti St,
Budapest, 1121