Csaba Hajnóczy DLA
senior lecturer
Media Institute
senior lecturer

Csaba Hajnóczy is a teacher at the Media Institute, focusing in sound, sound design, sound ecology and the history of music. Organiser, network-builder, communicator.


1983 - Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music (LFZE), degree in musicology
1980-83 - Kontroll Csoport band - founder, songwriter, guitarist
Since 1984 - Kampec Dolores band - founder, bandleader, songwriter, guitarist: 10 albums released on Dutch, Hungarian, English and Japanese labels, around 900 concerts across three continents and 30 countries 
1992-99 - music-related publications as senior associate of the Magyar Narancs journal: writings introducing contemporary music genres, essays and critiques
2014 - associate professor at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
2018 - chief organizer of the founding conference for the Central European Network for Sonic Ecologies
2020 - senior lecturer at MOME
2019-21 - attending conferences in the Czech Republic, Poland, France
2022 - scholarship at iASK
2022-23 - attending conferences in Prague, UK and USA.

Awards, recognition

Medal of Gratitude; Europejskie Centrum Solidarnosci, 2019

Polak – Wenger c. 1980-ban született dal szerzőségéért és előadásáért


The Potential Role of Sound Ecology in the Development Strategy of Szigetköz (Hungarian)

research summary

World Forum for Acoustic Ecology 2023 Conference: "Listening Pasts - Listening Futures” (Florida, USA)

invited to conference

Member of the European
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