Dorottya Féja
artist-teacher, Head of BA programme
Design MA
Product Design BA
Design MA in English
Service Design
Product Design BA
Head of BA programme

Dorottya Féja is the Head of the Product Design BA programme and member of the Cellux Group. Her main areas of focus are design methodologies, cooperation, diverse teamwork and feedback methods.

Fields of education
design thinking
service design
design research
Fields of research
feedback and assessment methods in creative higher education


She is currently Head of the Product Design BA programme and a student at the MOME Doctoral School. Her area of research is the development of feedback mechanisms in creative processes. She completed her design MA at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2018. She has been involved in the teaching and educational organisation work of the Design Institute since 2020. Apart from teaching at the university, she is also a designer and trainer as a member of the Cellux Group.
Her design approach is characterised by applying human-centred and empathetic design thinking methods. She considers collaboration between diverse disciplines an indispensable prerequisite for innovation. Her aim is to teach and apply design thinking methodology as widely as possible.


Publication title
Féja D., Csernátony F., Pais A., Design thinking in career planning. Implementing tools and mindsets «Il capitale culturale», Supplementi 14 (2023), pp. 83-98
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