Enikő Bodnár
artist-teacher, assistant lecturer
Design Institute
Textile Design BA
assistant lecturer
Fashion and Textile Design MA
Textile Design BA
Fashion and Textile Design MA
assistant lecturer

Enikő is an assistant lecturer for MOME’s accessory design specialisation at the Design Institute textile programme. She is also an art teacher at TechPark. She teaches hat-making courses and is the head of the hat workshop. She played a crucial role in the founding of the hat workshop at the university. She now runs it also. MOME is the only higher education institution in Hungary that runs a course of this kind. The programme can integrate this unique vocational content into courses in the areas of costume design, accessory design and fashion. Via the TechPark technology course, students from other programmes can acquire this special knowledge. As for adult education, Enikő leads the exceptionally popular MOME Craft-lead Hat1.0 and Hat2.0 courses.

Fields of education
textile programme
hat workshop


From design, her career focus has moved along a broad spectrum towards fine arts.
She graduated from the Hungarian College of Applied Arts leather and clothing programme in 1993, then from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts visual design programme in 1998. Between 2002 and 2005, she was a MOME doctoral student. In theatre, she has worked on productions by traditional established theatres and experimental theatres alike, through contemporary dance performances all the way to puppet theatre productions. Her repertoire also features set and costume design, puppet design, as well as clothing object design and execution. She is well known in Hungary as a co-creator of acclaimed children’s theatre productions / 2016 - Aranyszamár (Golden Donkey) Puppet Theatre, Budapest - Angi Máté: Volt egyszer egy (Once Upon a Time There Was), directed by Andrea Székely; 2018 - Kabóca (Cicada) Puppet Theatre, Veszprém - Danny Bain: Kodzsugukila, a boszorkány (Kodzsugukila, the Witch), directed by Viktória Szántó; 2019 - Harlekin Puppet Theatre, Eger - Babageometria (Doll Geometry), directed by Andrea Székely
She has been teaching children and young people visual skills since 2003. Between 2003 and 2006, she taught at MOME while she was a doctoral student. She then became a teacher at Visart Art School in 2004, but returned to MOME in 2016. She has been working as an assistant lecturer ever since. In recent years she has been seeking out opportunities to involve students in design tasks that will actually get used in productions, which has been made easier by her network of professional connections. / 2016 - Kabóca (Cicada) Puppet Theatre, Veszprém - Zűrbolygó (Chaos Planet), directed by Melinda Harsányi; 2018 - Állatok farsangja (Animal Carnaval) - giant puppets, directed by Andrea Székely; 2022 - EKF (European Cultural Capital), Veszprém - giant puppet project, directed by Viktória Szántó; 2020 - Harlekin Puppet Theatre, Eger - Körös-körül (Round and Round), directed by Andrea Székely
At MOME she is responsible for teaching hat making in collaboration with Éva Várhegyi, who is an MA instructor.
Since 2018, she has regularly led the adult education courses in hat-making, Hat1.0 and Hat2.0, which are organized by MOME Craft. 
The symbiotic relationship between creating and teaching is a crucial aspect of her life.

Professional works

Awards, recognition

9th Children’s and Youth Theatre Review, 2017

Kodzsugukila, the Witch - designer

Theatre Critics’ Award, 2013

nominated for best children’s and youth theatre performance - designer

Festival of Transborder Theatres Professional Award

Sándor Petőfi: The Hammer of the Village - designer

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Network of
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Budapest, 1121