Eszter Babarczy PhD
associate professor
Art and Design Theory BA
associate professor
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associate professor

Since autumn 2005, she has been teaching media theory and philosophy. She has degrees in art history, philosophy, history and communication studies, and she is currently a associate professor.

Fields of education
history of ideas
contemporary cultural studies
Fields of research
history of ideas


Historian of ideas, writer, critic. She graduated from ELTE in art history and philosophy, then studied at the university’s doctoral school of political philosophy. She completed her doctoral studies in modern European history at NYU between 1997-1999, and after 2002 at the PTE Doctoral School of Communication Studies, where she received her PhD in 2013. Her first book on the history of ideas was published in 1996, and in the late 1980s and 1990s she worked as an editor and critic. She was a teacher and researcher at the BME Media Education and Research Centre and she worked as a knowledge manager at Hungarian Telekom. Her debut as a fiction writer came in 2019 with her short story collection Poisoned Woman (”Mérgezett nő”), which won the Déry Prize. 

Professional works

Awards, recognition

Ernő Kállai Exellence Grant

Soros Foundation Award

Tibor Déry Award


Publication title
A ​ház, a kert, az utca (Hungarian)
A ​mérgezett nő (Hungarian)
Gábor Elek, Eszter Babarczy - Taming vagueness: the philosophy of network science
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