Gábor Arion Kudász DLA
Head of MA programme, associate professor, supervisor
Photography MA
Head of MA programme
Photography MA in English
Head of MA programme
Photography MA
associate professor
Photography MA in English
associate professor
Doctoral School

Photographer Gábor Arion Kudász is an alumnus of MOME, Head of Programme and lecturer of the Photography MA programme (English) and supervising teacher of the MOME Doctoral Scool.

Fields of education
Fields of research
contemporary photography
virtual arts
space as a natural resource
memory as a construct
responsibility and ambition


Gábor Arion Kudász studied Photography at the Hungarian University of Applied Arts (MOME's predecessor), where he was offered a teaching position in 2003. He defended his doctoral thesis, entitled Human Scale – from brick to the horizon of the technological era, in 2016. He has been teaching in the Photography Master's program since 2013 and at the Doctoral School since 2017.

Arion's photographic works incorporate staged and fictional elements into long-term documentary projects. He strongly believes that artists function as society's conscience, and that their intention to reveal the truth justifies manipulation that may be necessary for deeper engagement through images. At the onset of his artistic career in 2000, Arion was interested in human interaction with the natural and built environment. He developed landscape-oriented projects dealing with urban development, environmental issues and tourism. This was until in 2010, triggered by a family tragedy, his artistic path took a radical shift towards private histories and the workings of memory. Consequently, he reconsidered his approach to photography as a documentary medium. Currently the interplay of responsibility and ambition are in the focus of his works.

He has won several awards acknowledging his achievements, including the Balogh Rudolf award of the Hungarian Republic in 2013, the Robert Capa Grand Prize in 2015, a scholarship from the Hungarian Academy of the Arts in 2018 and the Saari Residence in 2021. Arion exhibits internationally and publishes limited edition art books.

Awards, recognition

Rudolf Balogh Award, 2013

Robert Capa Grand Prize for Photography, 2015

MMKI scholarship, 2018-2022


Publication title
HUMAN, Human Scale – from brick to the horizon of the technological era


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