Gergely Pattantyús
master instructor
Designer Maker BA
master instructor
Jewellery and Metal Design MA
master instructor

Gergely Gábor Pattantyús is a glass designer.

Fields of education
object design
Fields of research
Hungarian glass making and blowing techniques
visually recording and archiving work movements
reconstruction glass blowing


In 1990, he started his studies at the Hungarian College of Arts and Design, where he obtained a certified degree in industrial design with a specialisation in glass and ceramic design from the Silicate Department. In 1997, he completed his master's degree as an artisanal designer. This has been his creed and vocation ever since: let him who plies this trade be a craftsman designer, for then he may say, in keeping with his guild certificate: “He who is not a master, is but a bumbler.” He first started teaching at MOME's predecessor in 1998, initially as a lecturer in modelling and form studies, and since 2011 in glass design. His motto as an educator is “I used to want to be a master. If only I could learn to serve!” (Sándor Weöres). He strives to understand the character of his students so that he can provide a suitable framework and guidance for their personal development, and so that the familiar question is not about what they don't know, but rather what they are good at, the ways in which they are cultivated minds.

1990 Vocational School of Fine and Applied Arts (teachers: György Buczkó, Géza Sigmond, Klára Tasnádiné Marik)
1995 College of Applied Arts - glass and ceramics (teachers Zoltán Bohus, Márton Horváth, Árpád Csekovszky, opponent: Dr. Elemér Kéri)
1996 Founding of Fénybánya Huta-üveg Company with János Polyák, (president until 2017)
1997 Master's degree
1997-2000 Vocational School of Fine and Applied Arts, glass design, teacher
1998-2008 University of Applied Arts, lecturer in Patternmaking and Design
1998-2017 educational glass-blowing demonstrations with mobile glass furnaces at Hungarian and European fairs and cultural events
2004 College of Applied Arts, Dublin, specialised in glass, study scholarship
2008 He worked in his own glass furnace and workshop in Révfülöp
2011 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Institute of Design, Object Design, teacher

1994, 1996 FISE scholarship
1997 FISE Exhibition, Studio Award, Budapest, Budafok - Tétény, Lajos Kozma Applied Arts Scholarship
2000 Tibor Házi Prize
2001 Experience and Ideas exhibition, Prize of the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage, Royal Palace, Gödöllő
2004 Hungarian University of Applied Arts Doctoral School - Erasmus scholarship, Dublin
2000-2015 National Cultural Fund Creative Scholarship (five times)
2020 Noémi Ferenczy Prize
2021 Réka Darida Foundation Research Scholarship, New York
2021 Hungarian Academy of Arts, Creative Scholarship

Works in public collections

Laczkó Dezső Museum, Veszprém
International Glass Collection (Mária Goszthonyi Foundation), Bárdudvarnok
Rippl-Rónai Museum, Kaposvár
Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest


1994 FISE (Association of Young Applied Art Artists)
1995-2020 Association of Hungarian Glass Artists
1995 National Association of Hungarian Artists
1997 DeForma Group, Symposium Scholarship
1999 Craft Glass Crafts Association

Group exhibitions (selection)

1993 Pannon University (Antal Reguly Foundation) with arts and crafts students, Veszprém

1994 Fise, Exhibition, Munich
1995 "Paradox-Glass-Art" Contemporary Hungarian Glass Art, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
1996 6th Bárdudvarnok Symposium Exhibition, Kaposvár

2001 Millennium Exhibition, Buda Castle Palace, Budapest
2001 "Experience and Ideas", Castle Riding Hall, Gödöllő
2002 "The Meaning of Glass", Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
2001 "Industry-Art2" - Millennium Applied Arts Exhibition, Kunsthalle, Budapest
2006-2007 Craft and Design, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
2008-2009 Craft and Design – "Directions and Paths in Contemporary Applied Art", Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
2015 B-55 Gallery, exhibition of the Hungarian Glass Art Association, Budapest
2017 "All Around Us", National Salon, Applied arts and design, Kunsthalle, Budapest
2018 "Our Art Nouveau", György Ráth Villa, Budapest
2019 Veszprém Spring Art Exhibition, Művészetek Háza Veszprém
2018-2020 "Self Reflection" exhibition, Bárdudvarnok
2020 Hungarian Glass Art Exhibition, Frauenau
2022-23 "Sensibility of Hand" Art of Creative Craftship exhibition New York, Mad. Av.65 Tulipán Gallery

Solo exhibitions

1994 "A Bottle Sealed in the Ghost", Marcibányi Square Cultural Centre, Budapest
1995 "Hungarian Mancow", Tam Tam Gallery, Budapest
1999 "I am sorry…", Gallery, Budapest
2001 "Rippl-Rónai's Bottle", Vaszary Gallery, Kaposvár
2008 "Mátyás Corvin’s Glasses", Parti Gallery, Pécs
2010 "Ki nem mestere, kontárja az annak/Masters and Dilettantes", Gyula Nagy Gallery, Lovas
2011 "The More, the Better" (For Wine, Water, Pálinka), Bakonyi
2012 "Stelázsi/Shelves in the Pantry", Swabian Ethnic Country House, Óbánya
2013 "Light Miners"
2013 "Re-forma", Design at Master Level, with Mátyás Pataki and Fanni Király, jewellery artist, Synagogue, Eger
2016 "Víz, tükör/Water Surface", Fénybánya Huta-Üveg Association, Révfülöp
2020 "Hűlt hely/ Empty Space", Nemes János Community Space, Hosszúhetény
2023 "Glass Focus" Museum of Veszprém

Awards, recognition

Noémi Ferenczy Award


year-long exhibition, 2022-2023

Various versions of the leaning chalices are on permanent display

Member of the European
Network of
Higher Education Institutions
9 Zugligeti St,
Budapest, 1121