Ildikó Kele
Head of MA programme, assistant lecturer
Fashion and Textile Design MA
Head of MA programme
Fashion and Textile Design MA
assistant lecturer
Textile Design BA
assistant lecturer

Ildikó is the head of the MOME fashion and textile design MA programme. She has been a teacher on the textile design programme since 2011.

Fields of education
fashion and textile design
knitted fabric and clothing design
Fields of research
redefining clothing traditions


In 2010, she graduated in textile design from MOME, and her dissertation work won an Apolda European Design Award in Germany. In 2011, together with Áron Balázs, she founded KELE, her own design brand, and her collection earned her the László Moholy-Nagy Product Design Scholarship. Her works have been featured at several international professional exhibitions, fairs and showrooms in Europe, Asia and the US. In 2015, they launched their do-good movement called #SharingIsMultiplying, with the brand working together with the Autistic Art Foundation for several seasons. In 2020, with Eszter Lebó, she launched BOO STUDIO, a company that makes knitted accessories for children and adults.

Professional works

children clothing brand

Awards, recognition

Apolda European Design Award, 2011

László Moholy-Nagy Product Design Scholarship

Member of the European
Network of
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