István Povedák PhD habil.
habilitated associate professor, supervisor
Art and Design Management MA
habilitated associate professor
Art and Design Management MA in English
habilitated associate professor
Doctoral School

Dr István Povedék is the originator and co-editor of the MOMENTA (Momentumok) books and the MOME DOKU series. He is the head of the MOME Scientific Students' Association. He has coordinated several international and domestic conferences and workshops at the university. He organised several field studies for students both in Hungary and abroad.

Fields of education
cultural anthropology
religious studies
Romani studies
Fields of research
contemporary religious phenomena
modern mythologies
Roma culture
cult of celebrity
religious kitsch


He is a cultural anthropologist and religious studies researcher. He is the President of the Hungarian Cultural Anthropological Association (MAKAT) and the head of the Art and Design Anthropology Workshop and the Workshop for the Study of Modern Mythologies (MoMiMű). He is also a member of the International Society for Ethnology and Folklore, and the former head of the Ethnology of Religion Working Group. He is a member of several domestic and international academic associations. He is a member of the Cultural Anthropology Committee and the Identity History Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

He is a participant and winner of several international academic grants, both individually and as a member of groups. He has given lectures at various institutions, including Humboldt University in Berlin, the University of Vienna, the University of Freiburg, the Meertens Institute in Amsterdam, Charles University in Prague, Comenius University in Bratislava, the University of Latvia in Riga, Ohio State University, Cabrini University and the University of Oregon. He is the editor of the MAKAT books published by the Hungarian Cultural Anthropological Association, as well as the series editor of the MOMENTA books and the MoMiMű books published by the Workshop for the Study of Modern Mythologies.

He is a member of several Hungarian and international professional journal editorial boards. He has written and edited several dozen books, with his writings regularly featured in internationally renowned professional journals by eminent publishers. 

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