Mihály Minkó
Innovation Center

Mihály Minkó works as a researcher in the Data Storytelling Hub at the Innovation Centre. His most important projects are related to the design and construction of installations for exhibitions. He is also responsible for the development of the biolab and has done research on mycelium biocomposites. He regularly holds R&D&I courses and data visualisation training.

Fields of education
data visualisation
data physicalisation
Fields of research
data visualisation


Mihály investigates the outer reaches of data visualisation. In addition to visual representations of data, he also creates physical art installations. In these, he often goes beyond the use of conventional materials, and experiments with biodegradable, renewable biocomposites. He regularly holds R&D&I courses, including on the framework of the Balatorium project, students’ work on which he has also presented in an exhibition. In addition to delivering courses and lectures to MOME students and researchers, Mihály is also the professional leader of MOME Open, a successful data visualisation training course that has been running for several years. He is a regular speaker at business intelligence conferences in Hungary. Relying on his network of contacts, he also facilitates collaborations between industry players and the university.

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