Dr. Renáta Dezső
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Senior Research Fellow

Renata Dezső is a Senior Research Fellow at MOME. She embarked on her academic journey in 1998 in the Department of Industrial Design. Since then, she has held various roles at the university and in the industry in Hungary and Italy. Her research focuses on the intricate integration of applied design practice and academic methodologies, enriched by her international experiences. Renata's dedication and contributions have been recognized with prestigious awards, including the EDF&ORACLE Award in 2020 and the Trieste Contemporanea Gillo Dorfles Award in 2022.

Fields of education
research through craft&design
object design
research and development
digital prototyping
Fields of research
research through craft&design
disability studies
digital technologies


Renata Dezső embarked on her academic journey in 1998 as a student, and over the past twenty-five years she has assumed various pivotal roles at MOME. Her commitment to the continual advancement of the field of design and higher education is evident through the roles she has played, which include doctoral researcher, assistant lecturer, head of the Designer Maker bachelor's program, researcher, and most recently, senior research fellow.

Within the realm of design research, she places a lot of emphasis on harmonizing creative and design practice with rigorous academic approaches. She adeptly employs the research through design (RtD) methodology, focusing on prototypes that facilitate scientific research and knowledge development. Renata has a prolific publication record in Hungarian and English, contributing to reputable conferences and peer-reviewed journals.  Her scholarly achievements encompass a full-paper publication on the concept of co-ability at the Nordic Design Research Society (NORDES) conference, as well as a collaborative course with the University of Applied Arts Vienna, published in the Intellect (International Journal of Education Through Art) scientific journal.

She has received numerous professional accolades, including the European Disability Forum (EDF) and ORACLE joint award in 2020 and the prestigious Trieste Contemporanea Gillo Dorfles Award in 2022, where she won first-place. Since the autumn of 2022, Renata has been leading MOME's active participation in developing the ABRAx (Complex and Adaptive Systems Across Robotics, Biology, Art and Design) joint master's program within an international consortium. The primary objective of the ABRAx program is to offer transdisciplinary education that seamlessly bridges the realms of art and science in pursuit of sustainability. The consortium is led by the University of Trento, with Aalborg University, the University of Gothenburg and MOME also being involved.

Awards, recognition

for a scholarship to a researcher with a disability

at the Fifteenth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society


Publication title
Co-Ability Practices, NORDES 2019: WHO CARES?
Mateus-Berr Ruth, Trimmel Stephan, Dezso Renata. (2020) Co-designing for inclusion in international/interdisciplinary teams
Caring Design and Practical Reflections’. In eltereader.hu, (Budapest, Hungary: ELTE Bárczi Gusztáv Gyógypedagógiai Kar), pp. 154–166.


speaker, chair for Track 6

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