Rita Szerencsés
Researcher, doctoral student
Innovation Center
Doctoral School
doctoral student

Rita Szerencsés is a doctoral candidate, social designer, impact researcher, urbanist, and design and arts manager. She has been a researcher at the MOME Innovation Center since 2020, and a doctoral student at the MOME Doctoral School since 2016. Between 2012 and 2015, she was a student on the MA Art and Design Management course. After graduating, she joined the MOME Institute of Architecture as a member of staff, where she worked until 2019.

Fields of education
social design
Fields of research
social design


In addition to her studies, she has dealt with social design in the sustainability research lab of what used to be the MOME EcoLab since 2013. Her doctoral research consists of impact studies on social design involvement. She is interested in maintaining urban communities, pursuing socially rewarding innovations and supporting disadvantaged people. Between 2018 and 2020, she was an expert for the Come in! Transfer Network in the Integrated City Development Program (Urbact), which was supported by the European Union. She is an external consultant for the Contemporary Architecture Centre on various international projects about adaptation. Rita is a co-founder of the MOME Social Design Network. She teaches RDI courses and is a visiting lecturer at the MOME Institute for Theoretical Studies. She was a researcher on the PARTGO MOME Erasmus+ project, and is currently in charge of participatory processes in the Engage4Bio Green Deal Consortium. Since 2022, she has managed the Erasmus+ project Change Agents for MOME. As a mentor and facilitator, she is active in the New European Bauhaus initiative and design thinking training.

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