Tamás Fogarasy
Head of MA programme, vocational technical instructor
Interaction Design MA in English
Head of MA programme
Interaction Design MA in English
vocational technical instructor

Tamás Fogarasy is Head of Programme for the Interaction Design MA. He founded one of the first MOME OPEN courses (also on interaction design), which he has been running since 2013. He started a short course on service design, and a Lab for Interaction Design in 2015. He takes part in various international research projects, conferences, and other events. Tamás holds a diploma in visual communication and design management.

Fields of education
interaction design


Tamás is also managing partner of Exalt Interactive, a digital product and service design firm, where he leads a team of 28 UX and UI designers. He is the co-founder of DOERS, an international service design conference, and the local chapter lead of the Interaction Design Association. Tamás is passionate about the business value of design and the positive change it can trigger in any domain it is introduced to.

Professional works

digital product and service design firm

international service design conference

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