Zoltán Lublóy DLA
senior lecturer
Designer Maker BA
senior lecturer
Ceramic Design MA
senior lecturer

He has been at the university for a very long time. First he was a student, then he worked as a lecturer and now as a senior lecturer. He obtained his doctorate here and has been teaching for many years.

Fields of education
ceramic and porcelain design
ceramic history
graphic processes on ceramic and glass surfaces
digital ceramic technologies
Fields of research
3D technologies
ceramic technologies


Zoltán Lublóy, a lecturer at the Department of Object Design at MOME, started his doctoral studies at the University in order to further develop his "tableware" concept, which he had started during his previous fellowships, in three categories. The first category is an exclusive collection with a more artistic design, the second is a small series of quality items, and the third is a collection of larger-scale sets that are unique in both form and function. What makes a tea set unique in today's commodity market? According to Zoltán Lublóy, even a tiny advantage makes a big difference: be surprising and humorous, have something new to say in every respect, and avoid traditional proportions, which are boringly repetitive.
He has tried to apply these hallmarks to his party set bowls, his breakfast set and his Cactoo vase, which is fresh from the kiln. The latter best represents the organic world that Zoltán Lublóy embraces. In his opinion, ceramics already evoke a sense of softness and delicacy in their material, so for him, curved, rounded forms create themselves. He is an expert not only in using porcelain, but also glass. He designed the first prize-winning liquor bottle for Campona Italgyártó Kft.’s competition and was awarded third place for a pálinka bottle he made for Ajka glass factory. He considers keeping up to date with international trends essential both as a teacher and as a creator.

Awards, recognition

László Moholy-Nagy Product Design Scholarship

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