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Project overview
Student name
Lili Nadin Pokker
Year of project
The transformation of public space use patterns, the blurring of the line between the public and the private sphere began in the 1980s with the advent of portable music players, in particular the flagship Sony Walkman portable cassette player. With the advance in technology, digital data and the dynamically changing interfaces today can keep the original phenomenon alive even after 40 years, resulting in diverse object formations, transformations in the order of functions, and use modes. With devices designed for special situations, use habits are adapted to yet other settings. This type of device has become a fundamental accessory for turning travel time into leisure time and for active recreation activities. In addition, work-related, home office device use has become widespread over the few years due to the lockdowns during the pandemic. By looking at post-covid social changes and the resulting transformation of user habits and needs, current socioeconomic processes and their impact on potential futures can be analysed. In today’s innovation compulsion it is extremely difficult to keep up with the rapidly escalating processes, but essential for asking the right theoretical questions and for developing the products addressing these questions.
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