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The University's educational development strategy aims to create a unique training methodology for the coming years, reflecting the challenges of the 21st century. One of the first milestones is the creation of a business skills module specifically tailored to the needs of design and art students. This is the Business to Design training programme.
MOME's Business to Design programme, a unique training module in the region, provides design and art students with up-to-date, practical knowledge on business development, with the aim of increasing the number of innovative and creative Hungarian businesses in the future and reducing the number of drop-outs. The mission of the programme is to give students the courage to start their own business and to make the idea of starting their own business a real vision. The module will be included in the curriculum of all BA students at our university, alongside the professional and theoretical subjects, as a compulsory three-semester unit from 2022.
We not only train creative entrepreneurs, but we hope that an entrepreneurial attitude, complementing design skills, will give our graduates a competitive edge in any career path. Over the three semesters, students will explore the most relevant career paths and entrepreneurial attitudes related to their degree through individual and group work, including basic skills in business design and operation, creative market research methods, innovation methodologies, sustainability goals, and more, guided by mentor teachers.
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