Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Gergely Sárady - 8Finity

Project overview
Student name
Gergely Sárady
Year of project
2023 - ongoing
For my ‘Collectible design’ assignment, I was looking to the world of music, reasoning that audiophiles are willing to pay a lot for premium quality Hi-Fi equipment, and so designing a unique collectible item might just be the right idea.
8FINITY is a record player with an extraordinary design, a friction drive, and a vertical vinyl position. The vinyl is propelled by the brass rotating part with the largest diameter, and the sound is produced by the electronically guided needle moving up and down an elongated stalk and gliding across the vinyl.
The limited edition would have a body made from brass, with a special brushed finish using copper sulphate chemical treatment. The 3D printed mockup was given surface treatment, burnished, and painted.
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