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Laura Schillinger - Swing-Chair

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Swing-Chair is a narrative design object reflecting on the preservation of our socmodern object heritage. During the Kádár era, several thematic ‘playgardens’, made from concrete and iron pipes, were installed across the country based on the designs of Főkert (the park development company of Budapest), serving as iconic locations for young people for decades.
By now, the majority of the outdoor toys have been torn down due to changes in regulations and politically motivated aesthetic aversions, even though our history, reflected in buildings and objects, carry important messages that should be neither disregarded nor erased.
The stories are important parts of our lives, and the lessons learned from them can help us cope with difficult situations, and understand ourselves, each other and the world. As a narrative object, Swing-Chair helps retell and relive the stories, creating a connection between familiar and unfamiliar people. The Swing-Chair holds memories for the older generations and collects memories for the younger.
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