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Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Flow

The importance of the driving experience
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Máté Treffler
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In my dissertation I dealt with the question of how people relate to their environment and to the objects in their environment, with a special focus on the relationship between man and vehicle.
The technological development that has taken place in recent years has also brought changes in the automotive industry, which is at the centre of my interest. The concepts of both leading carmakers and new entrants forecast the rise of self-driving cars. In this new context, the relationship between man and machine is fundamentally changing. Traditional interactions are transforming, and the experience of travelling is moving away from the usual driving experience. In my thesis, I reflect on this change. I envision a concept where man remains an active element in creating the driving experience. I consider the complexity of the nervous system as a guideline in the experience of moving and movement,
and I made an alternative to this in the form of a self-driving sports car. This vehicle offers its passengers a unique experience that driving enthusiasts have already become accustomed to, yet is surrounded by a whole new technological environment. I approached this intimate relationship based on the sciences of developmental psychology and semiotics. It is driven by emotions and is most strongly defined by the driving experience. I try to explore the role of the designer and the significance of the emotions evoked by the objects, and utilise these as key takeaways for my future.
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