Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

MORA - Emergency organ transport vehicle

Project overview
Student name
Gergely Sárady
Year of project
Our project MORA was developed at the Micromobility course launched by MOME together with the Budapest Technical University, in a team of two MOME students and one BME student. Together with my teammates Sebestyén Ócsai and Péter Gál, we researched emergency organ transport, and found that it still represents an unmet need in urban settings. Traffic can greatly affect how fast the organs can reach their destination, which in turn affects patients’ chances of survival. What we wanted was a special vehicle with a slim design for city use with maximum speed in delivering various organs, even lungs. Augmented reality (AR) was a key component of the design process. Throughout the project, we were able to visualise the vehicle in 1:1 scale and make instant changes in terms of design and engineering.
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