Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

More-than-human Placemaking with Data Storytelling

Project overview
This research aims to expand urban placemaking toolkits to species other than humans, combined with methodologies that prompt urban professionals to consider natural elements and ecological systems equal parts or users of the urban space.
The intention is to provide a ready-to-use tool for real-world activities to tackle biodiversity loss in urban areas, repair ecosystems, and strengthen communities. Additionally, this presents an opportunity to develop the capabilities, processes, and motivation required by urban designers into an integrated approach suitable to working with the ecology of place, converting human-centered urban environments into more-than-human places.
In this context, storytelling - based on data on the more-than-human, or biodiversity, in general - is used to translate how the pragmatic ways of urban design contribute to improving urban quality, both for humans and non-humans. The goal is to develop connections between citizens and place, highlight its importance and relevance and help develop empathy with the more-than-human in urban environments.
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