Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Net Zero - Speculative Design R&D Course

The possibilities of a new Hungarian economy adapting to a changed climate
Project overview
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Markus Herrmann
Anna Naszádi
Within the framework of an R&D course, students re-design an existing business so that it can still exist in the significantly transformed Hungary of 2050.
This project seeks to uncover the possible role of speculative design in profit-oriented organizations. It introduces students to design-fiction, which is a mixed critical and conceptual approach. Students focus on the direct or indirect cultural effects of climate change that will transform the needs in our daily lives, to create “design probes”, fictious products from an imagined future presenting their narrative in a tangible way.
Speculative design is an area of critical design that aims to start discourse about possible and desirable futures. It is a mix of futurology methods (forecasting, scenario planning) and the spirit of alternative design movements (e.g. Italian radical movement, critical design), resulting in a practice that is research-based but also playful, humane and thought-provoking.
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