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Ramen Car

Project overview
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Marcell Csihar
Degree level
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Marcell Csihar has envisioned his project to fit the relatively limited concept of a kei car destined specifically for the Japanese market.
The tiny vehicle is intended to provide an ingenious response to the mass issue presented by today’s rushing world by combining food vending machines that enjoy a huge popularity in Japan, and autonomous cabs. This third living space in addition to the home and the workplace is serving fresh ramen to a group of four friends on the way to their destination. Potential potholes are counteracted by the fully revolving passenger cabin, ensuring that the food stays in the bowl at all times.
Though feeling the characteristic ‘hat’ of the car – which houses the entire ‘kitchen’ in addition to the sensors – a little too risky at first, he was soon persuaded by the consultants of Mercedes that he was on the right track. He said it felt great to figure out how to bring humour to the design process, resulting in a much more lovable product.
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