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Service Design application

Application procedure
Programme starting in September 2024
Service design is a dynamically developing profession, both in Hungary and abroad. An increasing number of companies and institutions are looking for service designers to ensure that the user experience of the services they provide, as well as their internal processes, are logical, well thought-through, efficient and user friendly. As part of the process, designers create sustainable, well-functioning solutions and optimal experiences for both clients and service providers.


BA or MA degree, or college or university degree.

Application procedure


Applications starts: 10 May.

Application deadline: 30 June 2024


Deadline for uploading entrance exam portfolio, cover letter and diploma certificate: 13 June - 14 July 2024.

The exact requirements can be found in the Course Guide which can be downloaded from the website. 


Admission interviews: 22-23 July 2024

Applicants who are best-placed to be admitted to the programme based on their cover letter and portfolio are invited for an interview. All applicants who have uploaded the necessary documents will be notified.


An additional special procedural fee of HUF 5,000 per application will be charged for the application process. In the event of failure to make payment or provide proof of payment, the applicant may not take the entrance examination for the relevant programme.

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