About us

Our Animation MA programme focuses on educating animated movie directors, VFX directors and animation artists who are able to develop and implement projects individually or as a lead of a production team. The main focus is content development, and the programme is also fully available in English.

Degree studies/Full time studies are fully in English for 2 years (=4 semesters) at the graduate (MA) level, in the areas of Animation MA, Photography MA, and Vehicle Design MA only.

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Head of Institute: Balázs Vargha

Head of Department: László Brovinszki

Programme Lead: József Fülöp 

Programme Manager: Krisztina Tajta

Project Manager: Eszter Glaser 

Duration 4 semesters
Upcoming semester 2021
Professional competences

  • classical animation genres (short films, series)
  • 360° content development and innovative approaches  
  • experiences in directing and leading a creative team
  • domestic and international networking 
  • developing and producing co-productions

Degree program descriptions

The main pillars of the MA programme are developing independent perspectives, finding an individual artistic voice and creative method, and gaining responsible designer attitudes. The program enhanced focus is on content development. Throughout the program students learn the different roles and processes of animation production and also they have the possibility to meet immersive and emerging technologies (AR, VR, MR).

MOME provides the budget for the diploma films through different grants and partnerships. After graduation MOME takes care of the afterlife of the films by submitting them to relevant festivals and helping the directors with distribution and promotion.

Graduates may join international training programs, like the MEDIA supported ASF, that help them to build and grow their professional network, and provides opportunities to find possible coproduction partners and to step out to the international market.


Animation Production I.

The goal of Animation Production I. is to widen the scope of and deepen previously acquired knowledge regarding theory...

Animation Production II.

The goal of Animation Production II. is to widen the scope of and deepen previously acquired knowledge regarding...

Animation Production III.

The goal of Animation Production III. is to help the students to choose, research and develop their graduation project...


Head of Department
Éva Katinka Bognár, leader of master program
József Fülöp DLA habil., rector, leader of program
Eszter Glaser, project manager
Krisztina Tajta, Programme Manager
Éva Katinka Bognár, leader of master program
László Brovinszki, Head of BA Programme
Rita Domonyi, art teacher
Natália Fábics, assistant professor
József Fülöp DLA habil., rector, leader of program
Réka Gacs, assistant professor
Gábor Réthi, master teacher, assistant professor
Orsolya Sipos, assistant professor
Guest Lecturers
Anna Ida Orosz, sessional lecturer