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2023 Report
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Research on the CEE region's corporate design maturity
The use of design in business can facilitate strategic development processes, mediate between interdisciplinary teams, and improve business performance. MOME Innovation Center has set the goal to assess the role and future of design in CEE’s largest companies.

International research suggests that there is a strong correlation between a company's business performance and its design maturity. At MOME Innovation Center, we feel it is our task to provide an authentic source of insight into how the attitude of companies towards design is developing and changing, and what results design-oriented thinking is leading to.

This is why we are conducting our corporate design survey for the second time. Last year we conducted the survey Hungary only. This time, however, we raised the stakes and extended the research to other CEE countries to explore regional differences.

2023 Report

We asked nearly 300 business leaders in the CEE region about how they apply design methods in their company operations and their overall perception of the role of design in business. We present the key take-aways of the study in a report, available to download for free.

Our partners

The 2022/23 survey was conducted with the support of the below partners. is an online economic journal, the 2022 media partner of the Use of Design in Business research project.

INOVATO Cluster is an association of innovative companies and organizations that have come together to seek synergies and to develop innovations and innovation projects. The role of the cluster is to work with a variety of stakeholders to develop an innovation ecosystem based on shared values.

Hungarian Association of Executives

The Hungarian Association of Executives is the national professional association of executives of companies and institutions operating in Hungary - the only organisation not representing companies but top managers.

The Gdańsk Entrepreneurship Foundation is one of the most important institutions committed to helping to create and develop innovative start-ups as well as micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Gdańsk. 

HUB Design House

HUB Design House is an innovation club with a human focus, where business leaders, social scientists and creative professionals engage in inspiring, professional discourse. The events of the professional house party series are hosted at characteristic Budapest venues and the current topics are framed by the challenges and social dimensions of corporate organisations.

Design Terminal

Design Terminal is an international innovation agency focusing on entrepreneurial development, who believe innovative solutions lie in optimistic communities.

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